Canada Approves Non-browning GMO Fuji Apple

Following the lead of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Canadian federal agencies have approved the marketing of the non-browning Arctic Fuji.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada ruled the genetically engineered variety grown and marketed by Summerland, British Columbia-based Okanagan Specialty Fruit Inc. do not “pose a greater risk to human health than apples currently available” in Canada. Health Canada reported the Arctic Fuji does not affect allergies, and has the same nutritional values as other apples, according to a news release from Okanagan Specialty Fruit.

“There has been very strong interest from retailers as we launched our first product -fresh, preservative-free Arctic Golden slices- and we look forward to introducing additional Arctic non-browning varieties into Canada and U.S. markets soon,” Neal Carter, president of Okanagan, said in the release.

The company shipped the golden delicious slices to about 400 retail locations in the Midwest last fall; the chains carrying the product have not been identified.

The USDA approved the sale of Arctic Fujis in September 2016.

The company also grows a non-browning granny smith variety.