Crop Progress: If Harvest Came Early, Would You Be Ready?

In today’s USDA Crop Progress Report, the agency indicated corn and soybean crops around the country are still maturing at record pace.

The nation’s corn crop is well ahead of an average year with 81% of the crop silking compared to the five-year-average of 62%. Colorado corn made the most progress silking this week with an increase of 38% week over week.

This week USDA reported 18% of the nation’s corn is in the dough stage. Texas is leading the way in maturity with 65% of the crop at the dough stage. Unfortunately, Texas is also suffering from significant drought which has caused some farmers to harvest earlier than usual.

USDA made only a minor change to conditions, bumping the amount of corn rated excellent up by one percentage point.

Similarly, soybeans continue to toward the finish line at record pace. USDA says 44% of the nation’s soybeans are setting pods. Compared to 27% the same week last year and a 23% five-year-average the crop is making impressive progress.

USDA bumped the percentage of soybeans rated excellent by two percentage points, up to 18%. Meaning 70% of the crop is rated good to excellent.

When you look at USDA’s figures on crop maturity this week compared to the 2017 growing season it appears crops are roughly one week ahead of last year. For example, for the week of July 22, 2017, 63% of the nation’s corn was silking and 27% of soybeans were setting pods. Last week, USDA reported 63% of the nation’s corn was silking and 26% of the soybeans were setting pods.