Crop Progress: Full Steam Ahead For Corn, Soybeans. But Is It?

The nation’s corn and soybean crops continue to mature at a record pace, according to this week’s USDA Crop Progress Report. In the report, USDA officials noted 37% of the corn is silking, 47% of the soybeans are blooming and a surprising 11% of soybeans are setting pods.

It’s no secret the nation’s corn crop is looking great, for the most part. While pockets of the Corn Belt have experienced some tribulations, overall the crop continues to grow at a record pace. This week, USDA says 37% of the corn crop is silking. Compared to the five-year average of 18%, that’s significant.

According to Monday’s report, 75% of the crop is rated good to excellent, that’s down just one percentage point from the previous week. But, it’s 10% higher than the same week last year. However, in Texas, corn continues to struggle with 25% of the crop rated poor or very poor. In fact, one West Texas farmer said even the irrigated corn in his area is struggling to survive.

Soybeans are doing well too. USDA says 47% of the crop is blooming and 11% of it is setting pods. This same week last year, only 32% of it was blooming and 6% was setting pods. Louisiana soybeans are winning the race with 75% of the crop setting pods. Mississippi and Arkansas are close behind with pods on 50% and 45% of soybeans respectively.

Soybean conditions continue to excel with 71% of the crop rated good to excellent, exactly like the week prior. Still, Missouri soybeans continue to feel the pain of drought. There, 16% of the crop is rated poor or very poor.

Some say the corn and soybean crops aren’t really as good as the weekly conditions report continues to indicate.